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This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 72 · 2 years ago

Badass Female Network raises $8m, Always Close with a CTA, Niche Podcasts are Here to Stay, and More.


Episode 35 is inspirational.

We can dig it. Data from Edison Research’s quarterly Podcasts Consumer Tracker says fans today are listening to podcasts for roughly the same amount of time as they were back in January before the lockdowns.

We agree with Podcast Business Journal’s Traci DeForge who explains what to include in your episode closing to keep listeners engaged until your next episode.

We raise a glass to Dear Media, the largest female podcast network, for their recent $8 million in funding from Magnet Companies.

We follow Guardian writer and radio critic Miranda Sawyer down memory lane, as she landscapes the podcast industry back from 2006 when the word “podcast” was added to the dictionary and was marked as “the next big thing”.

And we congratulate the staff of This American Life for being honored with the first Pulitzer Prize for Audio Journalism. A BFD.

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

Welcome to this weekend podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. EPISODE THIRTY FIVE IS PROVIDED BY SOUNDER DOT FM. This murder way to podcast let's get started. This week we see where podcasts fit into a list of quarantine pasttimes. We highlight how to write a good episode close and why it matters. We raise a glass to the largest female podcast network for their recent funding and we take a trip down memory lane. FIRST UP, as summer approaches and new normals become really normal, we continue to track the impact covid nineteen is having on listener behavior. Data from Edison Researches Quarterly podcast consumer tracker is offering a close look. Their senior VP, Tom Webster, says, quote, media consumption habits during the past two months have been a lot like a snow globe that has been shaken pretty severely. Unquote. But Edison research shows that, despite drastic lifestyle changes, weekly podcast listeners spent about six point five hours a week during March...

...listening to podcasts. That's roughly the same amount of listening time in January before the lockdowns. Mind share and Advertising Agency also tracking podcast habits reports that at twenty six percent of Americans are spending more time with podcast since the effects of the coronavirus. However, radio, online shopping and watching movies get a bit more attention. Moving on, last week we highlighted what to include in your podcast intro to hook new listeners. This week, podcast business journals. Tracy deforge explains what to include in your clothes to keep listeners engaged until your next episode. Ask Yourself, what do I want my listeners to do next? For example, do you want them to subscribe to your show, sign up for your newsletter, become a member of your patreon page, follow your social media? In all cases, your call to action needs to be clear and...

...friendly. This way, fans can engage with your brands between episodes. DEFORGE also encourages what she calls a gratitude mention, which is a thoughtful thank you to guests, sponsors and listeners. Quote. Your podcast clothes needs to be short and sweet. Says to forge and feel. Quote like a hug that says see you soon. Unquote. Up Next, girl power. Dear Media, the largest podcast net work focused on strong female voices and audiences, has recently raised eight million dollars in funding from magnet companies. CEO and Co founder Michael Bostick says, quote. This medium has been in need of an update for a long time, not only in the voices that are represented, but in the way those voices are able to engage in this space. Unquote. Dear media's podcasts are fronted by top talent, including lifestyle Guru Lauren evarts of the skinny confidential, Jackie Schimmel of the Bitch Bible, wellness and Nutrition Experts...

Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, and more. Bostick ads, quote. We could not be more excited to partner with magnet to fuel the rapid growth of this network to bring even more female perspectives to our growing audience. Unquote. Next up, Guardian writer and radio critic Miranda Sawyer, landscapes the podcast industry back from two thousand and six when the word podcast was added to the dictionary and it was marked as the next big thing. But the gold rush of podcasting, as she sees it, is happening today, with media giants buying and partnering with podcast networks left and right. Sawyer says, quote. Perhaps the biggest indicator that podcasts are having their moment is the way big players are moving in, whether brands or celebrities, unquote, and she highlights what challenges this boom brings. Will Independent Niche podcast with wonderful offerings be able to find...

...success amongst the celebrity banner series with Healthy Marketing Budgets? Can Quality Survive, Sawyer says, quote. PODCASTS, in the end are just two personal to niche, whether small niche or big, which is, of course, why we fans love them. They're ours. Unquote. And, last but not least, our random podcasting thought of the week. Congrats to the staff of this American Life. Their episode, the outcrowd, reports from the front lines of the trump's administrations remain in Mexico policy, is being honored with the First Pulitzer Prize for audio journalism. This is a huge honor for the reporters of this American Life and audio journalism as a whole. That's all we have for you this week from everyone here at team sounder. Stay well and keep on creating.

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