This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 68 · 2 years ago

Downloads up by 25% Since January, Build a Badass Audio Editing Plan, how People find Podcasts, and More.


Episode 31 is all about adapting.

We learn that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Downloads are dipping but they’re still higher then they were pre-COVID-19 peak.

We help you create a badass audio editing plan if you’re new to the skill. In our latest blog, we walk you through how to discern if learning to edit is a good use of your time or if you should outsource and focus your skills on other aspects of podcasting. AND provide two free ways to outsource.

We rapidly shake our heads yes, when The Podcast Hosts asks, is there a discovery problem? Their latest survey is full of truly fascinating metrics. Like, did you know that nearly 94% of listeners are okay with adverts in their podcasts?!

We applaud the adaptation of all podcasters. Especially ones recording from their garden.

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

Welcome to this weekend podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. EPISODE THIRTY ONE IS PROVIDED BY SOUNDER DOT FM, the smarter way to podcast. Let's get started. This week we check in on how covid nineteen is impacting downloads, we help you create a smart audio editing plan, we dig into a juicy survey of listening behavior and more. First Up, here's the latest on how covid nineteen is impacting downloads. Based on pod track metrics, which uses data from over a billion podcast downloads, US downloads continue to dip week to week. The Week of March twenty nine showed a four percent decrease. But there's some promising news. Downloads are still twenty five percent higher than they were in the first week of January. Audience growth is up eight percent inside radio rights. Quote. By category, for pod track measured shows growth year to date is up sixty seven percent for news, thirty nine percent for business, twenty nine percent for...

...comedy, eight percent for sports and six percent for society and culture. Unquote. In fact, according to a poll done by morning consolt, eighteen percent of two thousand two hundred US adults say they're listening to podcasts more than before social distancing, while ten percent say they're listening less. And our podcasters older cousin radio is seeing similar growth. Nearly forty percent of those who took part in a recent study conducted by new VOODOO media services say they're listening to radio more during the health crisis. Audio consumers may be adjusting, but they're still listening. Next up, want to start a podcast but don't know how to edit audio? We get it. It's intimidating. In our latest blog we walk you through how to discern if learning to edit is a good use of your time or if you should outsource and focus your skills on other aspects of podcasting. First, we prompt questions like are you the type of person who...

...enjoys learning and new technical skill? Do you dabble or work in tech? Do you quickly pick up video games or computer programs? If so, editing might be a great fit. We remind those who are not naturally tech savvy that putting in the time to learn audio editing can be a you full skill for lots of professional or personal projects. Think of all the entertainment we interact with. That involves sound movies, TV shows, radio programs, music and video games. If you still want nothing to do with editing, we've us three ways to outsource and get this to are totally free. Check out the link in our show notes to read on. Moving on, is there a podcast discovery problem? That's what the latest survey done by the podcast host sets out to answer. They write, quote, if you ask someone how they find a website, chances are they'll say I google it. Ask them how...

...they find a video and they'll probably tell you that they type a search term into youtube. Unquote. Out of nearly eight hundred people, forty percent of them said they would find a new podcast by searching their podcast listener APP. The remaining sixty percent fell somewhere between asking a friend, posting on social media, searching on Google or browsing a featured chart. Once listeners find a new podcast, how long do they give it to hook them? Survey says twenty eight point nine percent of participants will listen fifteen minutes, but for twenty seven point five percent of folks, a new podcast has only up to five minutes to hook them. Here at sounder, we think, yes, there is a discovery problem, which is why we continue to innovate free tools that help listeners and voices connect. To wrap up their survey, the podcast host says, quote, if you run a podcast, it's up to you to make sure your show is discoverable. Unquote. In other words, be where your listeners are. And, last but not least, our random podcasting find of...

...the week. Due to social distancing, podcasters who usually record in a studio are creatively adapting. One reddit member said the process of switching from a studio to a home is challenging but quite lovely. Quote. Today, as I was producing an episode of the dirt from Grow Your own magazine, I set up my laptop with Zen caster up in the garden, which felt very on brand for a gardening podcast. Unquote. We'd love to know where you're recording from this week. That's all we have for you this week from everyone here at team sounder. Stay well and keep on creating.

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