This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 42 · 3 years ago

Episode 5 (TWIP) - SoulCycle Radio, Personal Audio Advertising, and More.


It's Friday, August ninth. Welcome to this week in podcasting, where we discussed this week's podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. This episode is provided by Sounder Dot F M, the smartest way to podcast. Let's get started. This week we discuss soul cycle radio, personalized podcasting, the publisher's guide to podcasting and the top random podcasting thought of the week. Soul Cycle, the very popular cycling workout studio, recently announced a deal with serious x m where any serious X M subscriber can listen to inspiring music curated by soul cycle's most influential instructors. These exclusive soul cycle playlist will also be featured on Pandora, a serious X M owned entity. Soul cycle radio will feature the same inspirational energy as a class, taking listeners on a transformative journey. The channel will be dedicated to playlist created by soul cycle's famed instructors, including top artists and songs from soul cycle classes nationwide, mixed with instructors sharing...

...inspirational messages on mindfulness and healthy living. Serious X M will also live stream the brands sound by soul cycle concert series, which has been headlined by Sierra, the chain smokers, Lewis and the child and Ellie Duheye. The next concert will feature Mark Ronson in August in New York. The Future of advertising will be highly personal. A recent piece in the financial time states that, as podcast become easier to find, audiences for the digital spoken word could dwarf those for the written one. Listeners already use podcast for much more than entertainment. In China, educational and self improvement podcasting was worth more than seven billion dollars in two thousand and eighteen. Portable, intimate and accessible on demand, the podcast can be a friend, tutor and coach. In addition, they go on to say, the fusion of great content and artificial intelligence may harold the arrival of a voice guru, a trusted companion and adviser armed with data from past listening choices, who participate in listeners desires better than they can.

What's new and publishing this week announced the launch of a free fifty page guide entitled the publisher's Guide to podcasting. We highly recommend downloading it, as it walks publishers through the INS and outs of starting and managing a podcast. The guide is designed to help publishers navigate around some of the pitfalls that come with starting a podcast, as well as providing a comprehensive set of tools, tips and tricks on how to make a success of your podcast from day one. And in this week's random podcasting thought of the week, how much to podcast jobs pay? Similar to how Google and facebook created new job opportunities within the advertising space, the podcast industry is on a similar path. According to ZIP recruiter, there are currently seven hundred fifty one podcast specific podcast jobs within the US. On their site, simply hired says they have two thousand, one hundred ninety three podcast related jobs within the US. Sixty five posted within the last twenty four hours, three hundred thirty two within the last seven days, five hundred ninety nine within the last fourteen days and one thousand and fifty two...

...within the last thirty days. Their data shows that the average podcast job salary is roughly seventy four thousand dollars per year. The median national average salary for podcast related jobs, according to ZIP recruiter, is fifty four thousand three hundred twenty one dollars. The low end is around twenty thousand and the high end is around one hundred thirty thousand five hundred dollars. According to glass door, the national average for podcast producer is sixty five thousand one hundred thirty three dollars. They also have one hundred eighty one podcast jobs with a minimum salary of one hundred five thousand dollars and five hundred fifty two podcast jobs with a minimum salary of sixty thousand dollars. That's all we have for this weekend podcasting. Talk to you next week.

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