This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 53 · 3 years ago

How to Sound More Confident, One University’s English Department Now Includes Podcasting, the NYPD Brings True Crime to a New Level, and More.


Show notes: 

The podcast industry is rapidly growing, so Sounder is making it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

Episode 16 is to the brim with innovation.

We take an in-depth look at how Brazil and Ireland are dominating the podcast industry. For instance, flick through Apple podcast charts on any given day and you will see that Irish podcasts like The Good Glow, The Blindboy Podcast, The 2 Johnnies Podcast, The David McWilliams Podcast, The Laughs of Your Life, and The Stand with Eamon Dunphy are regular fixtures in the top 10. Pretty savage.

We’re also happy to report that true crime fans have been blessed with Break in the Case, a half-hour long podcast that "offers a glimpse at what real-life detectives and officers do during an investigation.” Yes, the NYPD has a podcast. And it’s hosted by former NYPD Detective Edward Conlon. Listen now to find out which case they’re digging into.

For those soft-spoken folks out there, Jonah Berger, an associate professor of marketing at Wharton and a co-author of a new study titled How Voice Persuades gives a few proven cues to sound more persuasive and confident. Whether you’re reading an ad or just want to hook listeners, you’ll want to slip this study-proven tip up your sleeve. 

This English Department staff won over our podcasting hearts. They observed the surge of virtual reality, gaming, audiobooks, and podcasting and applied for a grant to built a podcasting lab, among other tools, for their students. All so that all could explore narrative within these evolving genres. The English Department has since seen an increase in enrollment. Liberal Arts for the win.

And what would TWIP be without some inspiration? James Kim, host of a new fictional podcast titled Moonface, never intended to make money off it. “...I just want to make art,” he tells a former colleague. Today, Moonface is an industry favorite. Kim’s podcasting story is such a powerful reminder: have fun, do what you love, and set your intention on making the greatest work you can.

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