This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 61 · 2 years ago

Improv Classes to Improve your Hosting Skills, the Big Advantage of Hosting a Small Show, a Podcast for your Pooch, and More.


Episode 24 is creative and strong. This week we…

We’re calling all of our podcast friends to tell them that hosts of small, niche shows are the new influencer. And why that’s amazing for their wallets.

We’re brushing up on our French in order to listen to some badass female podcasters who are using the medium to lead the way to diversity and gender equality in France.

We’re yelping the best improv classes in the area to improve our hosting skills.

And, yes, we’re playing this new podcast for our dogs while we’re at work.

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

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Welcome to this week in podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. Episode Twenty four is provided by sounder DOT FM, the smarter way to podcast. Let's get started. This week we cover why advertisers love me shows, how Improv classes can improve your hosting skills, the power of French female audio creators and a new podcast for your dog. First in a sea of almost eight hundred thousand podcasts, there is a lot of power and potential revenue in being the host of a small show. Here us out, here us out. Hosting a niche show means you serve a targeted audience, one in which advertisers will pay to have access to specific shows. Quote offer an opportunity for advertisers to hit extremely targeted audiences, writes the Canadian podcast listener. It's a similar concept to influencer marketing, which we even see shifting on social media. At first, brands wanted... work with accounts that had massive followings. While their influencer marketing posts may reach an enormous amount of people, they may only apply to a minuscule part of that audience and be lost in the churning see of posts they publish for other brands, writes Maria Berea of brand channel. It's easier for advertisers to speak to an audience already immersed in content that connects to a product or serve us. That's why brands are seeing better results when promoting their products to a niche community driven audience through microinfluencers. The same principles apply to targeted PODCASTS, and the best part, this gives small podcast hosts the power to be creative in genuine in their sponsorship deals. Niche podcast hosts are looking like the new influencer. In other news, female podcasters are leading the way to diversity and gender equality in France. Lari Martinez of bellow collective rights. Eighty six percent of the podcast studios founded in France in the last three years are owned by...

...women or have at least one female founder. Thirty five percent of the top two hundred podcasts in France's apple podcast charts are produced or host by women, compared to just ten percent in the US. Not only are these women making change in a largely male dominated industry, they're doing so with a greater mission to change the narrative around women in media. Lori Rights Pauline Mallett, a cinema critic, was inspired to launch her podcast sorrows, an a on women in cinema, after finding that most of the shows she'd heard on the radio were hosted by men and often left out the female perspective. New shows pop up weekly, covering sex, motherhood, food, business and identity. For these women, podcasting is more a passion project. It's quote a cool for free expression and empowerment in France. Next up, have you considered taking an Improv class to improve your hosting skills? That's right, an irl way to...

...practice podcasting. Some skills you'll refine in an Improv class include clear communication, listening, creativity and resourcefulness. Our favorite, though, is how to accept and build. Lindsay Harris Freel of the podcast host explains, heard a great piece of music that you want to use for a theme song, but it's copyrighted. Except and build. Chat with some musicians about what you like about that piece of music through a service like FIB Ercom, then have them create a holy, original and catchy tune for your podcast. Improv classes are also great for multiple hosts listening and knowing when to speak creates a flow to the conversation and makes better content with less need for editing. Check out Lindsay's article in our show notes to find out how else Improv classes can improve your hosting skills. And, last but not least, our random podcasting find of the week my dog's favorite podcast. That's right, a podcast exclusively for your pup,...

...which was bound to happen sooner or later. The Rspca and animal charity and spotify launch this Pooch podcast in the UK to keep companions company when humans are unable to rub tummies and go for walks. Episodes are five hours long and feature mindful affirmations and ambient sounds such as wind rustling through trees, to keep the animals calm and relaxed while owners are at work. Writes Jasmine Anderson of I news. Now I want to go get a dog for this podcast jokes are u x designer. That's all founder has for you this week. Keep on creating,.

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