This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 69 · 1 year ago

Listening Lockdown Habits, Storytelling to hook an Audience, how to Support your Listener Community, and More.


Episode 32 is all about staying strong.

We start to see how listening is shifting during the lockdown. Weekends are 32% more popular and listen-through rates are sky-high.

We learn the plus-minus storytelling method, compliments of Doug Fraser of The Podcast Movement. It’s a quick and easy method to visualize positive and negative emotional shifts throughout a story, which are important for keeping an audience hooked.

We highlight some unique ways to support your audience during this hard time. Troy Price of Podcast Business Journal suggests helpful affiliate programs, live sessions, and more.

We highlight a few new podcasts, that are too fun to pass up.

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

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Welcome to this weekend, pottastingwore we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and test allin under ten minutes episode. Thirty two is provided by STOUNDERD DOTFM, thesmarter way to Potcath. Let's get started this week. We check in on howCobi nineteen is inpracting downloads. We learn a new story telling tecne wego over how to use your free time to engage your audience, and we highlightsome new exciting shows. First up it's hard to neel down exactly how coveanineteen is impacting podcast trends for the last two weeks we tracked andanalyzed the slight dippin downloads, with the help of pod tracks, data andtheir latest studyes suggests downloads are now leveling off, but listenerplatforms have reported a slightly upward or flat trend. Why charitable apodcast measurement tool that looks at five hundred thirty million iabcertified downloads a month points out, qute many podcast APS, like Apple Potcass, will continue downloading podcast...

...episodes, even if they are not actuallyplayed unquote. So perhaps coved nineteen's impact is better measuredthrough Actua lessons. Instead of downloads, as people continue to adjusta quarantine life, their listening habits do too. Instead of listeningduring Peak Commute Times, people are tuning in on the weekends podtracksdata shows peak listening, numbers are up by twelve percent on Saturdays andtwenty percent on Sundays. Charitable reports quote the listeners who arestill tuning in are giving their shows their full attention. Listen throughrates are sky high. An initial analysis of our advertising campaign responserate data shows that listeners are similarly or more deeply engaged thanbefore. Driving steady or increasing returns on adspen for brands. UNQUOTE,potcasters perhaps use this trending information to tweak the release of newepisodesnext Sup. The story telling...

...method you need to keep an audienceengaged duck. Freezer of the podcast movement describes the plus minusmethod, as quote a quick and easy method to visualize positive andnegative emotional shifts throughout a story. Unquote, he notes quote ifthings are always sunny in a story, listeners GETG numb to the happiness ifit's always bad, they ache for a light at the end of the tunnel. Unquote, thisstory telling method applies to all Genrese from comedy to true crime,because your audience always wants to be entertained with variety. Take yourlatest episode, for example, if you break it down ore, the positive andnegative moments evenly split, ere's, a positive moment more or less follow anegative one. Did you build intrigue or just hit the high notes with your guestin your next episode? Give the plus minus method a shot, see ind, whichnegative moments, facts, jokes and questions with positive ones. For acloser look, you can find the link to pod moves post in the show notes...

...moving on, instead of using your freetime to put out more episodes. Consider these unique audience buildingstrategies from Troy, price of PODCAST Business Journal. Your audience isprobably pumped you're putting out more material, but what about offeringopportunities for unstructured time with you like instagram live or azoomcall one on one engagement will help boost your social mediametric andprovide a space for your community. Another idea join affiliate programs.You may have rejected in the past like services classes or subscriptions thatAligne with your show and would help your audience during this hard time.Lastly, you may consider doing a fun, give away of old equipment or show swag and bless, but not least, our randompodcasting find of the week. We usually don't highlight new podcasts, but theseare too fun to pass up. First, kids and parents get a little break with spotiffies new children's up launched in...

...the. U S, Canada and France. It'spassed with over eight thousand handpicked songs, bedtime stories andaudiobooks is available for those on the premium family plan. Next. Well,it's hard to believe it doesn't already exist. The Sun reports that KimCardasian teased a possible potcast also exciting the early two thousandsmedical comedy scrubs comes back to life with fake doctors, real friends,hosts Zachra and Donald Phaeson, who played two of the main characters onthe show are going episode by episodes to give insight into their storiestheir colleagues ands more. That's all we have for you this week from everyonehere at team, sounder they well and keep on creating.

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