This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 38 · 1 year ago

Podcasts for unlearning systematic racism, one legacy print publisher takes to audio, how to come up with fresh episode ideas, and more.


Episode 38 is inspiring and real.

Unacknowledged white privilege, racial injustice, and silence have gone on for too long. Now is the time to listen and make People Of Color’s voices heard. Here are some podcast resources for unlearning racism in our own lives and learning what we can do in the world to stop it:

  1. Code Switch by NPR
  2. About Race
  3. The Diversity Gap
  4. Pod for the Cause from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  5. Pod Save the People by Crooked Media
  6. Pep Talks and Fufu on IG Live

We’re baking a cake in the shape of a microphone. Analysts at eMarketer expect the total reach of podcasting in the U.S. to hit 105.6 million listeners this year. Guess which state clocks in the most listening!

We wish we had this growing up. PRX, a public media organization, has created TRAX, a curated network of free podcasts and multimedia for audiences ages 9–13. Shows cover friendship, mental health, wellness, and race, personality, school, and more.

We cue up these beach listens. Meredith Corporation, the legacy print and digital media company, are bringing four popular magazine titles to the audio space. This summer, their launching spinoffs of Allrecipes, PARENTS, Southern Living, and Travel + Leisure.

We go for a bike ride. Having trouble coming up with new episode ideas? Daren Lake, guest blogger on the Podcast Host, helps solve your creative woes with science. He suggests ways to fall into a flow of unconscious, passive thought, making it “easier to passively solve a problem or come up with great ideas.”

Lastly, our random podcasting thought of the week highlights how RSS feeds came to be.

Welcome to this weekend, potcashing orwe discuss this week's t most exciting, codtesting news and tips all en underten minutes episode. Thirty eight is provided by sounder, the smarter rat ofpodcast before getting started with podcasting news. Please know thateveryone at Saunders stands in solidarity with those fighting forhuman rights unacknowledged white privilege. Racial andjustice in silencehave gone on for too long. Now is the time to listen and make people ofcolors voices heard we've linked a powerful educational podcasts in ourshow notes. Give them a lesson open conversations with your family andfriends for our white community. Don't shy away from the discomfort lean intoit through is the only way to change ther're still more good than bad inthis world, and we can build on the good with strong voices. First Stup in podcasting growthanalysts at the market research company e marketer expect the total reach ofpodcasting in the U S. to hit one hundred five point: six millionlisteners this year, a twenty seven...

...million- boosts from their releaseearlier this year, while the new estimate was finalized, precorona viruspandemic, forecasting analyst Peter Valley, says quote: We Expect ListeningHabits will return to normal in the second half of the year. Unquote, funfact of those: U S. listeners most are on the west coast. In their ten yearanalysis report, one popular hosting platform found that California, logsmore than fifteen million listening hours, Texas and New York, came insecond both logging, seven million listening hours. Moving on potcasts fornavigating adolescents, prx, a public media organization has created tracks acurated network of free, podcasts and multimedia for audiences ages. Nine tothirteen, this collection of tween focus shows will cover friendship,mental health wellness and race personality school and more Michellesmally executive producer of tracks says Qute as a mother to a tween.Creating this network has given me so...

...much more insight into the track'saudience who are at a pivotal point of development in their lives. Unquotefrom fiction to debate to education, young listeners can quote, come to seekentertainment and get lost while also learning more about the world at large.Unquote. Next, up having trouble coming up with new episode, ideas, Daren Lakeguest contributor to the podcast host blog helps solve your creative woeswith science, the award winning audio producer says, quote potcasting. Whilefun is hard physical and mental work, you might think you need to sit downand turn out a bunch of great topics, but unfortunately, our brains aren'twired for that type of on offswitch, like thinking unquote. First, hesuggests falling into a flow of unconscious passive thought, whichmakes it quote easier to possibly solve a problem or come up with great ideas.Unquote. He also teaches us that bad ideas are stepping stones to good ones,how to research new ideas. What...

...asymmetrical thinking is and how toorganize all of these new ideas into buckets, he says quote: Don't beatyourself up over not having the perfect idea when it's time to produce yourepisode, give this stage to the production process space in time, sothat, when you think about generating a podcast episode topic idea, you getexcited unquote. Moving on Meridith Corporation, the Legacy Prince andDigital Media Company are bringing four popular magazine. Titles to the audiospace, Catherine Levin, President of Meredith Digital says, Qute podcastspresent a growing opportunity for our trusted brands to tell resonant storiesin ways that are possible only through voice technology and the intimatelistening environment. It provides unquote this summer they're launchingspinoffs of all recipes parents, southern living and travel and leisure,which will all begin with twelve episodes ranging in length from twentyto forty minutes and, lest but not...

...least, our random podcasting thought ofthe week how R s s speeds came to be quote. It wasn't an invention, as mostpeople, think of invention. It was more of a synthesis one idea leading toanother and then another unquote says Dave Winer. American software developerand father of the R ss feed in about ten steps over seven years, wineroutlines that twists and turns really simple syndication took to get to whereit is today from Microsoft to Netscape to the NY T. that's all saunder hastree this week. PEEP LEARNING SHARING HEAP CONNECTING.

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