This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 65 · 2 years ago

Podcasts Turning into Books, Paper Providers Opening a Podcast Studio, tips for Killer Cover Art, and More.


Episode 28 is kind of meta.

We learn that the world isn’t flat and media isn’t linear when one popular podcast signs a BOOK deal. Yes, books. From the good ol’ days.

We peek into how one podcast ranker works. For any skeptics, Joe Rogan is still crushing it.

We give a hat tip to the innovation of one retailer, who introduced podcast studios as part of their new community-driven business model.

And we asked our talented graphic designer how to make really pretty teeny tiny squares known as cover art. 

The podcast industry is rapidly growing, so Sounder is making it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with this weekly podcast called This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

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Welcome to this weekend podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. Episode Twenty Eight is provided by sounder DOT FM. This smarter way to podcast. Let's get started. This week we see that media isn't linear. We get the inside scoop behind one top ten ranker, we reveal what paper provider is opening podcast studios and we interview a designer about how to create killer cover art. To start us off, some proof that media isn't linear. PODCAST are being turned into, wait for it, books. You remember those glorious world altering things with paper pages and design covers. In an ever evolving digital world, it's a little odd to hear that I heart radios. Popular show stuff, you should know, signed a four book deal with Flat Iron Books. Quote. This isn't the first podcast series to get a book deal. Ashley Carmen of the Verge Reminds US Barnes and noble even made a whole list of books based on or inspired... podcasts. So what's really happening here? With audio changing the way we consume information, doesn't it SEEM ARCHAIC TO TURN BACK TO PRINT? Ashley writes, quote. We're coming into a world where podcasting isn't just an audio series but also so a book, TV show, movie and whatever other medium networks can brand. Unquote. For most publishers it's less about the medium and more about growing a brand identity. It may have started as a podcast, but where else can it build a community and make money? The first book, stuff you should know, and incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things, will be available September twenty nine, according to inside radio. Next Up, Edison Research released a study of the top ten podcasts in America by reach among weekly podcast consumers. The Joe Rogan experience takes number one. No surprise there, followed... this American Life, the daily and my favorite, murder respectively. There are a lot of these top podcast rankers out there, but Edison research program their podcast consumer tracker to quote, measure the entire podcast space continuously, compared to other download rankers, which only measure participants and customers of those rankers or users of a specific platform. Unquote. Edison Senior Vice President Tom Webster explains, their tracker, quote is the product of handcoding tens of thousands of podcasts from a sample of over four Tho podcast listeners. Unquote. He also says podcast listening is still fairly fragmented and it wasn't until we had this large sample that we felt it would be responsible to even put out a top ten, let alone a larger list. So it's pretty legit. congrats forever, Joe Rogan. Moving on, guess WHO's opening up a podcast studio? Your favorite...

...paper provider? No, not. Under Mifflin staples, developed in partnership with Iheartradio and speaker staples connect, podcast studios are popping up all over the Boston area. As part of the retailer's new business model. They're hoping to reinvest their retail space by offering coworking and community event spaces for podcasters. That includes a soundproof studio with space for for people, discounted hosting and editing and a dedicated in store specialist. We love the innovation. Next up, cover art. It's hard to know what to put in that tiny, yet very important little square, so we asked our talented sounder, graphic designer, Jenko Pokusa for some tips. As a starting off point, he recommends browsing free image websites like graphic burger, iconfinder and free pick for inspiration. Quote. Collect a few graphics that you feel drawn to. Free images can give you a jumping off point to start playing with color and placement. Says Janko. It's...

...hard to visually define the essence of your podcast, especially if you talk about a range of topics. You can also begin by, quote, focusing on keywords in your title that best describe a particular subject, says Janko. In other words, use the name of your podcast to define what your concepts are at the heart of your show. This way, new listeners will immediately understand what your show is about. Next is sizing, color placement and font which Janko explains in our media article linked in our show notes. Last, but certainly not least, our random podcasting thought of the week. Nielsen data revealed data about what genres men and women typically listen to. They found that news, comedy and Sports Dominate among men, while women prefer society and culture, comedy and health rights inside radio. Why is this fascinating information so important?...

It helps drive Nielsen's new podcast listener buying power service, a database that matches podcast listeners with their buying habits. Quote. You can use this data to guide your decisions about which types of podcasts best align with different products and product categories, explains Tony Herrow, VP cross platform insights at Nielsen. For instant. Nielsen found that those who listen to science and society and culture shows were more likely to be in the market for an SUV, while comedy listeners tend to shop for pickup trucks and luxury vehicles. We feel seen. That's all sounder has for you this week. Keep on creating.

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