This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 57 · 2 years ago

Post new Episodes at this Study-proven Time, Network at Conferences with Ease, Buy the Perfect Microphone, and More.


The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

Episode 20 is rolling up its sleeves to help you start the new year right.

Have you ever spent hours on a new episode just to hear crickets after publishing? It’s a slightly crushing silence that we hope you never have to hear again after learning the top days/times listeners are streaming and downloading.

Podcasts are picking up steam in India thanks to the existing popularity of spoken word entertainment, the surge of internet and smartphone usage, the country’s massive youth population, and more.

Author Ma’ayan Plaut of the Podcast Movement covers how to network at a conference without collapsing into a ball of mental exhaustion. Her event guide hinges on making memorable interactions through listening and learning.

You Tube’s Deity Microphones says there are five main specs to pay attention to when purchasing a mic. We discuss them all for anyone feeling the “level-up” energy of 2020.

And last but not least, our random thought of the week. Writer Steve Pratt of Pacific Content rounds up expert predictions about the industry in 2020. Our very favorite: diversity. More voices serving more communities.

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Welcome to this weekend podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. Episode Twenty is provided by Sounder Dot FM. This smarter way to podcast. Let's get started. This week we cover the best study proven time to post new episodes, how to market yourself at a podcast conference, what country is seeing a surge of podcasts, tips for understanding the microphone specks and are random podcasting thought of the week. Have you ever spent hours on a new episode just to hear crickets upon publishing? It's a slightly crushing silence that we hope you never have to experience again. After this data driven tip, consider dropping new episodes on Wednesday evenings at seven PM, Monday morning at zero or nine am, or Tuesday morning at nine am eastern standard time. According to data from a podcast APP, these are the most popular days and times people download and stream shows. This means you're hard work and engaging content can reach more listeners with little to no effort.

New Year, Smarter publishing schedule. Next up. According to an article published with courts India, podcasts are picking up steam in India, although the term podcast is new to India. The country is fairly familiar with the concept, writes author Ananya but a Charia. Traditional channels such as radio and news publishers gave podcast the first push, but the popularity of spoken word entertainment is just one growth factor. Earlier this year, major platforms like spotify and Youtube Music launched in India. Internet and smartphone usage is growing. The country has a massive youth population who top listener charts, and the medium makes room to discuss taboo topics. As a result, in two thousand and eighteen there was almost a sixty percent growth in internet podcast listeners in India. Most love categories include entertainment, storytelling, business, horror, devotional and children's podcasts. Were...

...thrilled to see this surge of new voices. Moving on, the new year means a fresh calendar, year of podcast conferences. PODCAST movement happens to host one of the biggest. In their latest article, author Mayan plout covers how to network without collapsing into a ball of mental exhaustion. There's a balance of personal reflection and inner personal activity, writes plout. First, she suggests prepping for arrival, scan the schedule and reach out to any speakers you're particularly interested in chatting with. Be Ready to enter those conversations with genuine interest, a pitch of your show business cards and maybe some swag. At the conference, be friendly. Introduce yourself to your neighbor. In line with the snack bar. Make sure to have some compelling questions up your sleeve, like what episode are you most proud of? After the conference, reflect on all that you've learned. How can you integrate these lessons into your own podcast? This is also the time to solidify relationships, reach out via email, follow new friends...

...on social media and become fans of their show plots. Event Guide hinges on making memorable interactions through listening and learning. Next up, how to understand those confusing microphone specs. Andrew from Deity microphones says there are five main spects to pay attention to, the first being frequency response, the measured range of frequencies a microphone can pick up. Since microphones can pick up anywhere between twenty and Twentyzero hurts. Truth is, humans can't hear much past twenty hurts and since podcasts are directed at humans, not dogs, this is a reliable number to aim for. The second SPEC to consider is pick up patterns or the directional sensitivity of your microphone. There are a few to choose from. The answer lies within your podcast style. Do you host interviews? Shoot for a bidirectional mic with a figure eight pickup pattern. Are you a solo host? Try a shotgun MIC which picks up only one voice. The third speck is self...

...noise, or the signal a microphone makes when no other sound is present. A high ratio measures how much louder you're speaking will be above the mic noise. Just remember this. The higher the ratio, the lower the background noise. The fourth SPEC to consider is sound pressure SR levels. Most mikes on the market range one hundred ten, one hundred thirty, one hundred forty two decibels and will typically be suitable for podcasting. As a benchmark, a human scream is about one hundred ten decibels. Lastly, consider power consumption, especially if you use a recorder. The lower the consumption of your mic, the longer your equipment will last and the fewer batteries you have to lug around. And last but not least, our random thought of the week, writer Steve Pratt of Pacific content rounds up expert predictions about the industry in two thousand and twenty. Here's what they see in the podcast crystal ball, apple and spotify will continue to play tug of war, with spotify ultimately winning. Traditional audio...

...companies think radio broadcasters will continue to acquire podcast operations to stay hip with the cool kids. Web posting companies will streamline the podcasting process, cough, cough. Industry giants like twitter and facebook will build best in class audio content for advertising purposes. PODCAST listenership in general will continue to explode. New Revenue Models will pop up, performance measuring tools will get smarter. Corporate companies will switch from written to audio content as a free way to communicate with the public and our very favorite, diversity. More voices serving more communities. What do you think about these predictions? That's all sounder has for you this week. Keep on creating.

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