This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 70 · 2 years ago

Saudi’s Beat Quarantine Blues, how to Approach a Lazy Co-host, 10 Solid Side Hustles, and More.


Episode 33 is all about real talk.

We bake a cake in the shape of a microphone because according to the My Podcast Reviews service, there are now more than one million podcasts to choose from in Apple Podcasts. (Does anyone else hear “one million” in Austin Power’s Dr. Evil voice or is that just us?)

We feel warm and fuzzy learning that 5.1 million Middle Eastern listeners are embracing podcasts to "beat virus lockdown blues”, writes Ameera Abid of Arab News.

We tackle an uncomfortable topic: not all friends make great roommates, and not all buddies make great co-hosts. If your friend-turned-co-host has dropped their end of the workload, check out our latest Medium post.

We set it straight: only change your release dates and times to accommodate new quarantine habits if you fall into this category.

And we sign up for a few of the side hustles from Podcast Movement put together a to get a little extra cash $ ~flowing.

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

Welcome to this weekend podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. Episode thirty three is provided by sounder DOT FM, the smarter rate of podcast let's get started. This week we celebrate an industry milestone. We take a look at how Middle Eastern listeners beat quarantine blues, we learn how to approach a seemingly lazy cohost and we learn who should change their release times to accommodate new quarantine habits. First Up, did you hear? According to the my podcast review service, there are now more than one million podcast to choose from? An Apple podcasts? Does anyone else here? One Million in Austin powers Dr Evil Voice, or is that just us? Anyway, can you believe it? Around half have published a new episode in the last ninety days. The number ticked over a million on Saturday April eighteen, thanks to the sixty thousand plus new shows added in March. Was One of them, yours. Next up, quarantine blues are...

...real. That's why, quote, five point one Middle Eastern listeners are embracing podcast to beat virus lockdown blues. Unquote, writes Amira Avid of Arab News. According to research carried out following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, Covid, nineteen twenty three percent of the Saudi population had listened to podcasts, and fifteen percent of that number regularly tuned in. Ninety three percent, son of Saudie's, who took part in this survey also said that they trusted podcast content more than that delivered by any other medium. On our Sabon, the cofounder of a popular Saudi podcasting network said, quote, podcasts are not as formal as radio shows, and some people feel like radio had no soul. Unquote. Instead, the growing industry aims to educate and connect. In the PAL mental health workers and organizations are producing shows focused on helping youth, parents and frontline workers with their mental state. In the news, Publication Online Kabar Nassana...

Bazra Korea describes how the country's podcasting community is, quote, thriving during this situation, with new and old podcasters getting more time on their hands to invest in the art form. Unquote. Moving on, it makes sense to start a podcast with your friend. You both have similar interests, great banter and enjoy spending time together, but not all friends make great roommates and not all buddies make good cohosts. If you find yourself irked at your cohost or just totally forgot to lay the groundwork for a healthy working relationship, we've got you covered. In our latest medium article, we interviewed several podcast cohosts from shows like diking out and fix your Chit about how to approach your seemingly lazy cohost and rebuild a healthy working relationship. Read on Via the link in our shown notes. Next up, should you change your publication time to accommodate new quarantine...

...habits? That's the question Dan Meisner sets out to answer in his latest article for Pacific content. The long and short of it is, quote, if your podcast is daily, highly topical or designed to be consumed at a specific time of day, then you might want to consider adjusting your publishing schedule. UNQUOTE, rights Meisner. On the other hand, if your show isn't specifically designed for commuters or doesn't Cover Daily News, don't worry so much about changing release dates or times. This advice is drawn from visual heat maps Meisner created for all the shows he helps make at Pacific content. Quote. We found the same thing across all of them. Covid nineteen. Related changes in commute times haven't had a significant impact on download patterns for our clients. Shows Unquote. And, last but not least, our random podcasting find of the week, side hustles for podcasters. PODCAST movement put together a helpful list of ten...

...side jobs to get a little extra cash flowing your way. Tutoring, website testing and voiceovers are just a few. That's all we have for you this week from everyone here at team sounder. Stay well and keep on creating.

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