This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 67 · 2 years ago

Should you Cover COVID-19? Are Everyone’s Downloads Dipping? How do you Record Remotely? We have the Answers.


Episode 30 is all about podcasting in a pandemic.

We get to the bottom of why you may have seen a dip in downloads these past few weeks. (Thanks, Podnews, Edison Research, and Podtrac!)

We answer some hard podcasting questions, like should I still put out new episodes? And do I have to talk about COVID-19?

We remind you that you have a hall pass for podcast quality, especially if you’re new to remote recording. If you’re on the hunt for equipment, Brian Heater of Tech Crunch talks about his favorite remote podcasting equipment. Alejandro Medellin of Premium Beat compares programs, including long-distance recording solutions, to fit a range of budgets. And the Podcast Host has a great starter-friendly list.

We’re happy a new (fun, light, easy) sub-genre of COVID-19 podcasts exist. Hint hint: when you’re stuck at home with your partner, what else is there to do?

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

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Welcome to this week and podcasting, where we discussed this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under ten minutes. Episode thirty is provided by Sounder DOT FM, the smarter way to podcast. Let's get started. This week we take a look at how the podcast industry is reacting to Covid nineteen and answer some common questions podcasters have about covering the global pandemic. We also dig into why you're downloads maybe dipping and how to record remotely. First Up, if you noticed a dip in downloads during this global pandemic, you're not alone. Pod track reports that US podcast downloads decreased one percent during the week of March ninth and two percent the week of March sixteen. Across all pod track measured podcasts. Pod News interviewed a variety of shows that averaged a twenty percent decrease in consumption. And it's not just podcasting. According to music business worldwide, spotify's total music streams were globally down by eleven point four percent last...

...week. So what's going on? Last week, during a Webinar, Edison researcher, senior VP, Tom Webster, said, quote. I don't think we should assume podcast listening is going to go up right now, because what happens in discontinuous periods in our history like this is that media listening becomes all Willy Nilly. It goes haywire and unpredictable. Unquote. People are commuting less, maybe their home with kids and don't have the freedom to listen. Routines are disrupted, and so does all the listening that fits into them. But Webster predicts listeners will flock two shows that bring comfort or a feel good element. Pod News can confirm this prediction, having interviewed a few genres like wellness and running that saw an increase in downloads. Of course, covid nineteen podcasts are getting the most attention. A cast tells pod news that, quote, there's been a continual increase in the number of podcasts covering the coronavirus, with...

...more than one fourteen hundred podcast episodes now hosted on its network. Since January. Twenty two these episodes, which reference corona or Covid in the episode titles, have been downloaded more than twenty seven point five million times globally to date. Unquote. Next, we hear many podcasters asking should I still put out new episodes and do I have to talk about Covid nineteen? We have some answers. With quarantine restrictions getting tighter, we are enjoying our favorite voices during walks and closet cleaning spreeze. We Bet your audience is too. In fact, we came across a heartwarming reddit thread with comments like, quote, podcasts are just about the only thing keeping me from going insane in quarantine. Unquote. So yes, we strongly encourage you to keep putting out new episodes. If quarantine restrictions are keeping you from using public studios and accessing the tools necessary for your show, consider dipping into backup recordings, sprucing up your blog or...

...moving to instagram or facebook lives. This is one of those times where quality can come second or third to great content for a greater cause, community and for the big one. Should you talk about covid nineteen on your podcast, your audience might enjoy a little break from the new cycle. Normalcy doesn't mean ignorance. The truth is we're not sure how long we're going to be working through this global pandemic, so keeping some routine is healthy. If you want to cover covid nineteen, but don't usually cover news or health. Hosts of PODCAST pontification suggest creating a bonus episode. This way, if you have a series or theme, it won't ruin the flow. For Your covid nineteen episode, consider bringing on a reputable guest like a doctor or a psychologist, who can help answer questions. Triple check your facts and be a local cheerleader. Actually follow all of Jeff McHugh's ten commandments of coronavirus coverage, which can be...

...found in our show notes. Moving on, looks like we're going to be podcasting remotely for a while. If you typically meet with guests in person or use a recording studio, you may not be equipped with everything you need to keep your show running smoothly. Brian Heater, the hardware editor at tech crunch, gives a few equipment suggestions. As part of his GIG, heater gets to play with a lot of podcast equipment and came to find the following work best for him. For a Mike, he's using Akg Lyra. The controls are simple and it's eyecatching if you're also taking video, speaking of he sticks with Zoom and uses the Webcam built into his computer. Others are loving audacity and garage band to free recording and mixing programs. Heater highly recommends adding a clip on windscreen to any mic to cut out the hard p sounds. He's sporting the ejt upgraded microphone pop filter for headphones. Check Out Blue Yetti MOFI.

His set up comes to around three hundred dollars. On a tighter budget. We linked to some other equipment sources in the show notes. Quote. One of the things I've realized in all of this is that people are pretty forgiving. Unquote. Rights eater. Basically, everyone has an indefinite hall pass for Sound Quality. And, last but not least, our random podcasting thought of the week. A new subgenre of covid nineteen podcasts is making us happy. Couples in quarantine, David Litzky of Fast Company, rights, quote, Kumail Non Johnny Silicon Valley and his wife and Writing Partner, Emily v Gordon, the big sick, kick the trend off in earnest last Thursday with staying in with Emily and Kamail. Unquote. Paul F Tompkins also created a limited series stayf home kins with his wife. Quote. It's like having on demand...

...access to the funniest, coolest couple you know, which maybe exactly what you need when you're alone or sequestered with your partner full time, unquote. Rights Letsky, we're dying to know. Have you ventured into podcast land with your partner? That's all sounder has for you this week. Be well and keep on creating.

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