This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 67 · 1 year ago

Should you Cover COVID-19? Are Everyone’s Downloads Dipping? How do you Record Remotely? We have the Answers.


Episode 30 is all about podcasting in a pandemic.

We get to the bottom of why you may have seen a dip in downloads these past few weeks. (Thanks, Podnews, Edison Research, and Podtrac!)

We answer some hard podcasting questions, like should I still put out new episodes? And do I have to talk about COVID-19?

We remind you that you have a hall pass for podcast quality, especially if you’re new to remote recording. If you’re on the hunt for equipment, Brian Heater of Tech Crunch talks about his favorite remote podcasting equipment. Alejandro Medellin of Premium Beat compares programs, including long-distance recording solutions, to fit a range of budgets. And the Podcast Host has a great starter-friendly list.

We’re happy a new (fun, light, easy) sub-genre of COVID-19 podcasts exist. Hint hint: when you’re stuck at home with your partner, what else is there to do?

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

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