This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)
This Week in Podcasting (TWIP)

Episode 73 · 1 year ago

1M Podcasts Means for your Show, why we love the “Super Short” Podcast, Sounder Coaching Series Launch, and More.


Episode 36 is making it look easy.

We learn from audio experts what hitting 1M shows in Apple Podcasts actually means for podcasters. A general consensus is that podcasters need to get better at promotion and social media marketing. Here are some articles to help with that.

We cheer for the NYT as they continue to see growth and invest in the audio space.

We take a look at the history and appeal of the “super short” podcast episode

We introduce our Coaching Series on Medium, where we invite experts from around the podcasting industry to offer advice and answer common questions. This month, we welcomed Travis Brown from PodDecks to debunk several common interview and hosting myths.

And we took page after page of notes from this live stream all about music licensing.

The podcast industry is rapidly growing. Sounder makes it easy for audio creators to stay on top of it all with This Week In Podcasting, where we discuss this week’s most exciting podcasting news and tips, all in under 10 minutes.

Welcome to this weekend, podcasting,where we discuss this week's most exciting podcasting news and tips allin under ten minutes episode. Thirty six is provided by Saunder DOT, FM THESMARTER RATE OPODCAST. Let's get started this week, we debunk what itmeans to be a good podcast host. We learn from audio experts. What hittingone million shows in apple podcast actually means for potcasters we cheerfor the New York Times who continues to invest in audio, and we take a look atthe newly popular Super Short podcast. First step you may have heard there arenow over one million, unique podcasts on apple podcasts. Nearly fifty percentof those are actively producing new content. So what does this milestonemean for your show? Seth Wrestler of Jacob's media strategy asked some ofthe brightest audio experts. A few things everyone agreed on podcasting isa long term medium here to stay. This is just the beginning and podcast havea long way to catch up to you tube and blogging. PODCASTING is a way forbrands, people and niches to connect,...

...podcast discovery needs and overhaul,and finally, podcasters need to get better at marketing and SEO. We linkedto a few helpful articles in our show notes. Moving on potcasts are payingoff for the New York Times, who saw a thirty percent increase in podcast atrevenue in Kone compared to a year ago, thinks in part to one well loved news,show the daily ever heard of it. Over the past two months, various studieshave shown that news podcasts were seeing increased engagement in Kone dueto the COBAD nineteen pandemic. On a conference call with analyst evp COO,Meredith copit Levine said quote, the daily's audience has surged to almostthree million downloads every day, despite a change in the morning routine.For many listeners, thanks to the success of the daily, The Timescontinues to invest in audio, saying they'll likely bring on journalists andengineers to continue grubbing this year. Next up super short podcastepisodes are gaining popularity.

Caroline Crampton of hotpod has a hottake. For starters, she defines supershort episodes anything under fiveminutes and short between ten to fifteen minutes. Why she says:Consumption Habits are changing with smart speakers and prepopulated potcastplaylist gaining popularity, both of which seem to favor short bulletedepisodes. The rise of the Daily News podcast has also led to shortenedepisode lengths while they tend to be in the twenty minute format. They arecompact and comprehensive quickly, satisfying listeners, but it's thesupershort shows that have our attention, crampton explains quote. Thereally short pod cast tends to fall in one of three broad categories: Thebulletin, the one shot and the experiment unquote this weekend.Potcasting, for example, is a weekly bulletin show under ten minutes. We aimto keep the content informative and concise. So you get a quick update onthe podcast industry for listeners.

CRAMPTON says it's less about nothaving the time and more about enjoying a variety of insight. She often kes upa half hour worth of five minute episodes for podcasters. This opens upopportunities for experimenting and creating without the commitment of ourlong episodes. Moving on to help potcasters of all genres and sizes.Succeed we started Saunders Coaching Series on our medium page each month,we'll invite experts from around the podcasting industry to offer advice andanswer common questions. Together we can potcast smarter this month wewelcome Travis Brown from pod decks to debunk several common interview andhosting myths. Brown says quote: There are tons of podcasting falsehoods aboutwhat it means to be a good podcast host after launching over one hundred showsand editing over two thousand episodes. It's become clear to me that thesemists need to be addressed. Unquote in his article, he debunked the rumor thatyou have to be an extrovert to be a...

...good host. In fact, interverts have asuperpower. When it comes to interviewing guests. He spoke aboutfinding exciting guests each week and how to approach them. One of ourfavorites. No one will want to be a guest on a small show. We see thisanxiety with a lot of new podcasters Brown reminds us it's not about size.It's about opportunity, audience and connection check out his full articlein our show, notes and less but not least, are random podcasting find ofthe week confused about music licencing David Oxenford, who representsbroadcasting and digital media companies, participated in worldaudioday earlier this month and answered Common Music LicensingQuestions, while the details of music royalties are complex and confusing, hesays. Hopefully, this discussion will provide viewers with enough informationto ask the correct questions. We've linked to the stream in our show notes.That's all Saunder has fr ou this week stay well and keep on creating.

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